Founded in August 2000, Waveland Energy Partners LLC is a private equity firm focused on the upstream oil and gas industry. We invest in projects operated by some of the largest public and private exploration and production (E&P) companies in the U.S. We have partnered with some of the industry’s leading energy institutional private equity firms. Our current investments are in some of the most prolific basins in the U.S. – the Williston Basin in North Dakota, the San Juan Basin in New Mexico, the Permian Basin in West Texas, and the Anadarko Basin in Oklahoma. In addition to our internal industry expertise, we work with talented technical industry consultants encompassing skill sets, such as engineering, geophysics, and land management. Since our inception, we have raised and deployed over $675 million in over 40 energy programs.

Through our affiliate, Waveland Resources LLC, we sponsor private limited partnership offerings to wealth advisors affiliated with independent broker-dealers and registered investment advisory firms throughout the United States. Waveland offers the financial advisor community and their accredited clients a unique “growth and income” total return strategy that focuses predominantly on pre-tax economic return to investors while providing substantial tax benefits. The objectives of this institutional private equity strategy include generating reasonable current cash distributions in parallel to building asset value through the reinvestment of a portion of project operating income, with the ultimate objective of achieving an asset sale exit transaction within three to five years.